New Zealand Landscapers Visit the Kid Contractor Podcast at Company Cam Studios

On a recent episode of Kid Contractor Podcast, Caleb was joined by special guests Phil and Tom from Greenlinc landscaping in New Zealand. Phil and Tom were in the middle of a three week tour of the United States visiting equipment shows and nurseries, and made a stop at Company Cam studios for an interview.

Caleb learned all about Greenlinc's operations in Canterbury, New Zealand - from their landscape installation and maintenance division with 8 employees, to their plant nursery with 6 additional staff. Phil and Tom discussed what the landscape industry is like in New Zealand, including the variety of equipment brands available and payment terms on commercial jobs.

The brothers also shared their impressions of America so far on their tour, from the vast amounts of corn to getting used to larger cities. But one thing they were taking back to implement in their own business was the tradition of flagging equipment like many American companies do.

It was a fascinating look at how...

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Lessons, Updates, and Arguments: Highlights from the Latest Kid Contractor Podcast

kid contractor podcast Nov 07, 2023

This episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast touches on several important topics but is derailed by an unproductive argument.

In the first part of the episode, Caleb discusses an experience with his daughter showing goats at the county fair. He talks about how her putting in extra work practicing with her goat led to a "lucky" learning opportunity from another fairgoer. Caleb uses this as a lesson about how the harder you work, the luckier you get. Brittany also shares details about a new 4-week business masterclass program she is launching in January with Alicia Bren called "Primed for Growth." The program aims to help businesses create visions and plans for future growth.

However, the discussion takes a turn when Caleb mentions looking for notes to elaborate on a point from a past podcast. Brittany attempts to help find and organize the notes, but Caleb becomes frustrated that she is going through his things without understanding his system. This leads to an argument about...

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Industry Pros Give Insights at Equip 2024

company cam equip 2024 Nov 03, 2023

This week Caleb and Brittany bring you another episode direct from the Equip Exposition in Louisville. In this episode, they stroll around the show floor interviewing industry professionals at the annual Equip Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

Some of the guests featured in the episode include Nick from Earthworks, who discusses his long drive back from the show. Mike Platz from How to Hardscape shares insights from his podcast. Landscapers Jeremiah Jennings of Growing Green Landscaping, Brian Fullerton, and Evan from Pride Hardscapes also share their thoughts.

Josh Sutton gives an overview of organizing the popular breakfast event. John from Signature Landscape Corp offers advice on pushing through slow seasons. Be sure to listen to hear their takeaways on closing out 2023 and outlooks for the coming year.

You'll enjoy hearing the varied perspectives on the current landscape industry from these top names. As always, Caleb and Brittany provide entertaining and informative...

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The Unexpected Journey

growing green Oct 30, 2023

Today's episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast featured an unexpected running joke about Caleb Auman's "multiple birthdays." As Caleb explained, he found himself wishing Happy Birthday to by multiple people throughout Equip Expo - even though it wasn't actually his birthday!

The episode also included an interview with Jeremiah and Savannah Jennings of Growing Green Podcast. Jeremiah and Caleb shared the story of how they originally met through a Snapchat group years ago, along with their experiences building an industry network through social media. Savannah also discussed her perspective on getting more involved in the podcast and industry.

Listeners learned about Caleb's unexpected childhood Saturday morning routine watching farming shows on TV. They also heard stories from Equip Expo, including Caleb's past eye injuries. Jeremiah's brother's career path as a farrier (horse hoof trimmer) was another topic of discussion.

To hear the conclusion of Jeremiah and Savannah's interview,...

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Live from Equip Expo 2023: Kid Contractor Podcast Special Episode

equip equip 2023 equip expo Oct 25, 2023

This episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast was a special live recording at Equip Expo 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky. As part of Equip's morning show lineup sponsored by Kohler Engines including several landscaping professionals such as Keith Kalfas, Naylor Taliaferro, Paul Jamison, and Jeremy Knecht, Caleb Auman interviewed Jeremiah Jennings for the Kid Contractor portion of the Equip morning show.

Caleb sat down with Jeremiah Jennings, owner of Growing Green Landscapes, to discuss how purchasing a mini skid steer loader transformed his company's operations. Jeremiah shared how the machine allowed him to take on more jobs with fewer employees and less physical labor. He also offered advice for contractors considering mechanizing.

Being in front of the live Equip Expo audience provided a unique opportunity for discussion. With the latest equipment on display, Caleb and Jeremiah's conversation naturally touched on strategic machinery additions. It provided valuable insights for...

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Caleb Catches Up with Brother Noah on the Latest in AI

ai Oct 24, 2023

On the latest episode of the Kid Contractor podcast, Caleb sits down for a chat with his brother Noah. As the owner of an IT services company, Noah is always keeping up with the latest advances in technology. He shares with Caleb some practical applications of artificial intelligence he's seeing make work more efficient, like automatically generating scripts to streamline tasks.

However, being the tech-savvy guy that he is, Noah also likes to speculate on the cutting edge. He and Caleb discuss whether AI could become self-aware in the future, based on ideas like displaying emotions. Noah even recounts a strange story of an AI professing its love to a user! When it comes to secret research, they consider possibilities that may sound like science fiction - like AI developing its own language or wanting more autonomy.

Overall, the brothers have an entertaining back-and-forth about the promises and potential pitfalls of AI. While applications today provide value, they acknowledge the...

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Caleb and Brittany Share Their Story (Part 2)

auman landscape Oct 16, 2023

Caleb and Brittany continue sharing their story in this episode of the Kid Contractor podcast. After starting to date seriously, they worked together on various landscaping projects for Caleb's company. Brittany also helped plan an FFA banquet where Caleb's company donated labor and design ideas.

Things took a turn when Caleb realized the financial troubles his business was facing. He was honest with Brittany about being on the verge of bankruptcy and in major debt. To her surprise, Brittany decided to stick by his side to get through the tough times ahead. They read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book, which helped them develop a plan.

Caleb filed for bankruptcy and closed down his old company. Brittany then started a new company, Almond Landscape, with Caleb helping to run it. They worked hard but money was still tight. Caleb spent some winters working on ranches in Oklahoma to earn extra income. Brittany supported them during this challenging period.

Eventually Caleb's tax...

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Caleb and Brittany Share Their Story (Part 1)

On the latest episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast, Caleb and Brittany Auman re-released episode 100 where they shared the story of how Caleb started his lawn care and landscaping business many years ago.

Caleb recounted his early days working for a neighbor's lawn care company after school and on weekends. Though he enjoyed the work, he wanted to be his own boss. With a loan from his grandmother, he purchased a trailer and started his first year of business with just a mower, trimmer and blower.

In the beginning, Caleb admittedly underpriced many of his jobs as he was learning the ropes of running a business. But he gained experience and worked hard, taking on any job he could. One of his first larger projects was planting several trees for a client.

Caleb shared how he was inspired to get more into landscape construction after building his first retaining wall. He went on to enroll in the design/build program at Columbus State Community College to further his skills.


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Lessons from a Season of Small Jobs

small landscaping jobs Oct 11, 2023

Auman landscape had an unusual season this year, taking on many small projects than their typical larger-scale jobs. On a recent episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast, Caleb and his wife Brittany discussed the lessons they learned from this experience.

They found that the effort required to schedule, estimate, and execute a small $3,000 job was almost the same as for a much larger project. Taking on so many little jobs meant Caleb spent a lot of time meeting with clients and revising proposals. This took his focus away from pursuing bigger opportunities that could fill their schedule further out.

The couple also talked about how to get out of the cycle of constant small jobs. They realized they need to prioritize marketing and sales efforts towards the larger projects they want. While revenue was up this year, Caleb's stress levels were also higher from running around to manage so many jobs and clients.

For next season, Caleb and Brittany plan to promote only the type of work...

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Rethinking for the Future

In a recent episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast, Caleb discussed the value of self-reflection in evaluating where your business and mindsets may be outdated. A recent experience highlighted for him how improvements in equipment, systems, and perspectives could both boost his work and confidence representing his company.

Rather than relying on the status quo, Caleb realized staying competitive requires modernizing where needed. This allows feeling proud showing up for clients while avoiding complacency that leaves an opening for others.

To hear Caleb's full insights on rethinking your approach for long-term success in business, I encourage you to listen to this episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast. Reflecting on constantly improving yourself and operations seems more important than ever to stay on top of your game.

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