The Power of Faith and Stewardship in Building a Successful Business

In a recent episode of the Kid Contractor podcast, hosts Caleb sat down with two entrepreneurs, Alex and Jacob of the Turf Wars Podcast, to discuss what motivates them in their businesses. In particular, Caleb asked Jacob what gives him hope and gets him fired up. Jacob talked about how his faith gives him hope and motivates him to be a good steward of his business, rather than just chasing big contracts and flashy equipment. Meanwhile, Alex discussed how building something with his name on it, and doing things honestly, motivates him to be a good role model for his daughter and ensure that his business can survive even if something were to happen to him.

This conversation highlights an important aspect of entrepreneurship that is often overlooked: the importance of staying true to one's values and building a business that is sustainable in the long run. It can be tempting to chase after big contracts or flashy equipment, but if this is done at the expense of one's integrity or...

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Finding Fulfillment in Entrepreneurship: The Story of Eikenbary Landscape

business entrepreneurship Feb 27, 2023

Brett is the owner of Eikenbary Landscape. His journey to entrepreneurship is one that is familiar to many. The desire to pursue one's passion, to find fulfillment in one's work, and to make a difference in the world are all powerful motivators that can drive people to take risks and pursue their dreams.

Brett had been working at a good company, with a steady job and good benefits, but he wasn't getting fulfilled. He had always been passionate about lawn and landscape, and slowly started to learn more about hardscapes as well. After discussing it with his wife Chase, they finally decided to take the leap and start their own business. The decision to start a business is never an easy one. It requires careful planning, a solid strategy, and a lot of hard work. Brett and Chase knew that if they were going to do it, they wanted to do it right. They spent a lot of time thinking about the branding and vision of their business, and when they finally set a launch date, they went...

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Twin Entrepreneurs at 18: The Story of a Commercial Maintenance Company

Starting a business at a young age can be challenging, but for two 18-year-old twins, it's a story of determination and hard work. These young entrepreneurs run a successful commercial maintenance company that offers services ranging from landscaping to snow removal. With a team of two crews, they manage to maintain 200 properties and remove snow from 70 accounts every week.

The company started as a summer job to make some extra money, but it quickly escalated into a full-fledged business venture. The twins didn't come from a wealthy family and wanted to finance their own activities and entertainment, so they started working and saved their earnings. As the business grew, they realized the potential and decided to keep it going.

Word of mouth played a significant role in the growth of the business, and in the past six months, Google has also helped with local marketing and attracting new customers. With their hard work and determination, the twins have managed to make a name for...

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