The Crucial Lesson: Identifying the Decision Maker in Commercial Landscaping Projects

In the fast-paced world of commercial landscaping, every decision counts. A single misstep can have far-reaching consequences for the project's success. Caleb's recent experience serves as a vivid illustration of the importance of identifying the decision maker early in the process.

In a last-minute commercial job, Caleb encountered a significant setback when he failed to accurately identify the final decision maker. As a result, the project's budget was unexpectedly slashed, leaving him and his team scrambling to adapt. This unfortunate turn of events could have been avoided had Caleb taken the time to ascertain the true decision-making authority from the outset.

The incident underscores a valuable lesson for all professionals in the commercial landscaping industry. By determining the key decision maker at the project's inception, teams can streamline communication, align their proposals with the client's vision, and avoid costly delays or budget reductions. Clear communication...

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Understanding The Joys and Pains of Commercial Landscaping

In the world of landscaping, there are two main branches of work – commercial and residential. While both have their unique challenges and benefits, they can often require different approaches and skills. In this blog post, we will explore the joys and pains of commercial work, as discussed with our guest Chad during episode #321 of Kid Contractor podcast.

Commercial work refers to landscaping projects that are undertaken for businesses or public spaces, such as parks, schools, and government buildings. Residential work, on the other hand, is landscaping for private homes. While some landscaping companies specialize in one or the other, many offer both services. It all comes down to the preferences of the business owner and the type of clients they want to work with.

One landscaper, who was interviewed on the Kid Contractor podcast, shared his experience of moving from primarily residential to commercial work. The landscaper explained that he was drawn to...

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