We Did It - 500 Episodes of the Kid Contractor Podcast!

I can't believe we've reached 500 episodes of the Kid Contractor podcast! It feels like just yesterday that I was recording that very first episode in my dining room with Brian and Emily from Stump Plants. So much has changed since then but one thing has remained - my commitment to bringing you insightful conversations with top professionals in our industry. For this milestone 500th episode, I decided to call up some of our most memorable guests from over the years to get a glimpse into where they are now. It was so fun to catch up with Josh Sutton, Alicia & AJ Brentzel, Jon Pajak, and many others. I also got a chance to thank those who were instrumental in launching the podcast like Mr. Producer and Brian Fullerton. In addition to reminiscing, I asked each guest about any business "fallacies" they once held that turned out not to be true. Many mentioned assumptions about how growth works or that bigger equals more successful. It was fascinating to hear different perspectives on...

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Industry Pros Give Insights at Equip 2024

company cam equip 2024 Nov 03, 2023

This week Caleb and Brittany bring you another episode direct from the Equip Exposition in Louisville. In this episode, they stroll around the show floor interviewing industry professionals at the annual Equip Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

Some of the guests featured in the episode include Nick from Earthworks, who discusses his long drive back from the show. Mike Platz from How to Hardscape shares insights from his podcast. Landscapers Jeremiah Jennings of Growing Green Landscaping, Brian Fullerton, and Evan from Pride Hardscapes also share their thoughts.

Josh Sutton gives an overview of organizing the popular breakfast event. John from Signature Landscape Corp offers advice on pushing through slow seasons. Be sure to listen to hear their takeaways on closing out 2023 and outlooks for the coming year.

You'll enjoy hearing the varied perspectives on the current landscape industry from these top names. As always, Caleb and Brittany provide entertaining and informative...

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