We Did It - 500 Episodes of the Kid Contractor Podcast!

I can't believe we've reached 500 episodes of the Kid Contractor podcast! It feels like just yesterday that I was recording that very first episode in my dining room with Brian and Emily from Stump Plants. So much has changed since then but one thing has remained - my commitment to bringing you insightful conversations with top professionals in our industry. For this milestone 500th episode, I decided to call up some of our most memorable guests from over the years to get a glimpse into where they are now. It was so fun to catch up with Josh Sutton, Alicia & AJ Brentzel, Jon Pajak, and many others. I also got a chance to thank those who were instrumental in launching the podcast like Mr. Producer and Brian Fullerton. In addition to reminiscing, I asked each guest about any business "fallacies" they once held that turned out not to be true. Many mentioned assumptions about how growth works or that bigger equals more successful. It was fascinating to hear different perspectives on lessons learned. Of course, I couldn't do a celebratory 500th episode without including my wife and business partner Brittany. She shared some of her own past misconceptions, including how she once thought we had to control everything ourselves. I'm so proud of how far we've come running this company together. As always, thanks for listening and supporting the Kid Contractor podcast all these years. Here's to the next 500 episodes!

Listen to episode 500 here: https://kidcontractor.libsyn.com/ep-500-our-500th-episode


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