CompanyCam: The Importance of Pre-Documentation for Contractors

companycam Apr 24, 2023

In the world of contracting, mistakes and misunderstandings can happen even to the most careful and diligent contractors. One way to prevent such occurrences is through pre-documentation. This process entails taking photos of the work area before starting the job and documenting any pre-existing conditions, such as cracks in the sidewalk or a broken downspout. Pre-documentation can help cover the contractor's tail and ensure a smoother project outcome.

On the Kid Contractor podcast, host Caleb and guest Ellie from CompanyCam both agreed that pre-documentation is essential. They pointed out that some clients might try to take advantage of contractors or landscapers, and in such situations, it's better to have photographic evidence of the pre-existing conditions to avoid disputes. The pre-documentation process can help to establish a clear understanding of what was already there before the work began.

Contractors who practice pre-documentation can have a smoother conversation...

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