Maximizing Business Success Through Customer Reviews and Selective Clientele

Owning a successful landscaping business takes more than just having skilled workers and a strong work ethic. In a recent episode of the Kid Contractor podcast, Auman Landscape owner Brittany mentioned two factors that have helped her and her husband Caleb’s 7-figure landscaping company thrive: customer reviews and selective client screening.


Brittany shares how she has recently started asking their clients to leave reviews on Google, and the positive feedback Auman landscape is already increasing. Customers mention how Auman employees treat their property like their own, don't leave any trash behind, and quickly address any issues that arise during the project.


But Brittany mentions the success of the business also relies on an owners ability to select the right clients. While she can't guarantee that every client will be easy to work with, Brittany has a keen sense for picking up on red flags during the initial consultation. Whether it's the way they interact with their family or their pets, or just a gut feeling, she usually knows which clients will be a good fit for her business.


Together, these two factors have helped Caleb and Brittany's business stand out in a competitive industry. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and being selective about their clientele, they've built a reputation that attracts more business and leads to greater success.


So, if you're looking to build a successful landscaping business, remember the power of customer reviews and the importance of being selective with your clients. These simple yet effective strategies can make all the difference in growing your business and achieving long-term success.

Listen to the full episode with Brittany here!


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