Ensuring Trench Safety: A Story of Survival

trench safety May 19, 2023

Trench work is an essential aspect of construction and utility maintenance, but it can also pose significant risks if proper safety measures are not followed. In this blog post, we will delve into a conversation from the Kid Contractor podcast, where Alex Parker, a guest on the show, recounts a personal experience of surviving a trench collapse. Through his harrowing story, we'll explore the importance of trench safety practices and highlight the lessons we can learn to prevent such incidents from happening.

Alex Parker's Story:

Alex Parker begins his tale by describing his work with a company responsible for fixing water main breaks in a local area. In 2005, he embarked on a typical day, unaware that it would soon become a life-changing experience. Dispatched to address a water main break on a dirt road, he and his team encountered their first mistake: digging down the side of an old trench.

In their haste to avoid interfering with fiber optic lines running above their heads, they...

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