Shredding in Steamboat: A Recap of Our Wild Colorado Sledding Adventure

colorado snowmobiling Feb 27, 2024

Hey all! Caleb here checking in with a recap of our wild Colorado sledding adventure. We just wrapped up recording a multi-part podcast live from Steamboat Springs about our trip over the past week.

Joining Brittany and I for the ride were Jeremy Swihart, Bill and Courtney Cipparone, the Tournoux brothers, and Andy Mulder as we spent six days tearing it up on the mountain. The terrain out here was no joke, with some huge open fields and steeper slopes than we're used to. A guide helped get us to the good spots, though I definitely have more to learn when it comes to sidehilling and tricks.

It wouldn't be one of our trips without some good crashes too. I definitely took the worst tumble, launching off a jump and rolling the sled over multiple times. Thankfully it was only some minor damage but it gave me a good scare. Safety is no joke out there in the backcountry.

Be sure to listen to the full podcast for all the details on our adventures, mishaps, and high jinks. I'm already...

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