Native Inspiration: Why Native Plants Matter

I recently had the pleasure of hosting experts Amy Dutt, Mark Dilly on my podcast for a discussion about native plants and sustainable landscaping practices. As someone who has long focused on providing low-maintenance options to clients, I was eager to learn more about how we can incorporate nature-friendly designs.

What struck me most was the alarming data presented on the current extinction crisis. With so much wildlife struggling due to habitat loss, it's clear we need to make changes. But I was glad to hear that small modifications, like adding a few native plant species or reducing turf areas, can make a meaningful difference.

Hearing the science behind concepts like wetland design and water filtration through soil also gave me a new appreciation for natural systems. Who knew that simple dirt could cleanse water as it travels underground? It's amazing what nature provides when we allow its processes to function. Mark gave some great insights! Check out his work with ...

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