The Importance of Safety Equipment in Landscaping

Landscaping might seem like a harmless job, but accidents can happen at any time. Whether it's a small injury or a major incident, it's important to be prepared for any situation. This is why having the proper safety equipment is crucial. In this blog post, we'll discuss the importance of safety equipment in landscaping based on a true story shared by landscaping professional, John Pajak on Kid Contractor Podcast episode #312.


In 2016, John had a brand new lawnmower with a Kohler engine. While doing leaf cleanup, leaves started piling up on top of the horizontally mounted muffler. This led to a fire breaking out, but fortunately, John had recently purchased new fire extinguishers and was able to put out the fire before it caused any serious damage. John realized the importance of having the right safety equipment readily available and easily accessible.


This incident is just one example of the need for lawn care professionals to have basic safety equipment such as...

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