Fine-Tuning Our Processes For Maximum Efficiency

As our business continues to grow, Britt and I have been laser focused on optimizing our systems and standardizing communication across crews. On this week's episode we really dug into two areas that have been top of mind - daily updates from jobsites and financial management strategies.

Being able to plan for each day is so important when juggling multiple projects. We've tried a few different methods for end-of-day reports but weren't fully satisfied. After discussing the pros and cons, taking photos directly in Company Cam seems like the best fit. Not only will it provide a quick virtual check-in for me, but that permanent record will be invaluable for looking back at past jobs.

Proper financial oversight is another huge piece of running a successful business. We weighed options like fractional CFO services that could take us to the next level. While the value they provide is undeniable, the price tag may not be there yet as we continue to grow our top line. Still, the...

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