Priming Your Business for Growth

On a recent episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast, Caleb and Brittany Auman sat down with Alicia Brentzel this week to discuss Primed for Growth, a new program designed by Brittany and Alicia. Primed for Growth is an 8-week course that helps contractors create strategic plans and goals to take their businesses to the next level in 2024.

Brittany and Alicia discussed what Primed for Growth includes, such as vision and goal planning, creating marketing plans, forecasting, budgeting, and more. They'll cover topics like hiring, leadership, and accountability. The program features weekly educational sessions and check-ins to ensure plans are implemented.

Contractors of all sizes can benefit from Primed for Growth. Brittany, Caleb, and Alicia stressed how taking the time to plan can transform companies and boost profits. Don't miss this opportunity to prime your business for growth in the new year.

Listen to the full episode with Caleb, Brittany, and Alicia here.

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