Hitting the Ground Running: Preparing for Our Best Spring Season Yet

Alright team, getting pumped for this spring season! As you guys know, we've been putting in some long hours this winter to get our systems dialed in so we can hit the ground running. I'm really proud of the progress everyone has made in buying into our new vision. It's awesome to see guys stepping up and offering ideas for how they can take more ownership over different parts of the business.

This past week we wrapped up our home and garden show, which is always a good way to get some early leads. Even though we only booked one job from it, I'm feeling optimistic that some more work will come down the pipeline from connections we made there. Now we're focused on getting our new patio space finished up out back. It's gonna be such a cool spot for clients to really visualize how an outdoor living area can transform their home.

Anyways, just wanted to check in with you all before our meeting tomorrow. I know there's still some kinks we need to work out with inventory and project...

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