5 Essentials Every Contractor's Truck Needs for Emergency Preparedness

landscaping safety Feb 05, 2024

Hey everyone, Caleb here with another episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast. On this episode I had my good friend Bill on the show to discuss an important topic - safety gear and equipment that every contractor should have on their trucks.

As many of you know, Bill has been a paramedic and firefighter for over 18 years, so he's seen it all when it comes to emergency situations. I wanted to have him on to get his expert advice about the basic supplies we should all carry to be prepared for any medical issues that may come up on the job.

We went through a list of essentials like tourniquets, large fire extinguishers, first aid kits, eyewash stations, and more. Bill also emphasized the importance of training with your crew on how to use these items properly. You never know when you may need to respond to an emergency, so it's critical that everyone stays proficient.

It was a really informative discussion. I hope all of you will take the time to review the items we talked about...

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