Setting goals to achieve success

Setting goals is an important part of achieving success in any aspect of life. Whether you are looking to grow your business or improve your personal life, setting clear and achievable goals is the key to making progress. In a recent podcast episode, Caleb and Brittany discuss the importance of setting one, two, and five-year goals personally, financially, and for the company.

At first, the conversation was a bit heated because Brittany was not confident in the goal they had set for themselves. Caleb reminded her that a goal must be something that you are passionate about and confident in achieving. This led to a decision to set a specific date to discuss and set their goals.

Caleb and Brittany discuss the importance of setting a timeline for achieving your goals. Whether it is a meeting with a client or a date with your spouse, putting it on the calendar ensures that it will happen. This also applies to achieving your goals. Setting a specific date for achieving your...

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Twin Entrepreneurs at 18: The Story of a Commercial Maintenance Company

Starting a business at a young age can be challenging, but for two 18-year-old twins, it's a story of determination and hard work. These young entrepreneurs run a successful commercial maintenance company that offers services ranging from landscaping to snow removal. With a team of two crews, they manage to maintain 200 properties and remove snow from 70 accounts every week.

The company started as a summer job to make some extra money, but it quickly escalated into a full-fledged business venture. The twins didn't come from a wealthy family and wanted to finance their own activities and entertainment, so they started working and saved their earnings. As the business grew, they realized the potential and decided to keep it going.

Word of mouth played a significant role in the growth of the business, and in the past six months, Google has also helped with local marketing and attracting new customers. With their hard work and determination, the twins have managed to make a name for...

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