Stepping Up to the Next Level

hardscape landscaping Apr 15, 2024

Episode 487: Stepping Up to the Next Level

This week's episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast focused on empowering our teams to take the initiative and drive our businesses to new heights. I discussed how Tyler here at Auman Landscape has been given the opportunity to independently sell his first hardscape project, representing a big step forward for him and our company. Taking that initial step out of our comfort zone is so important for growth.

I also shared about receiving some negative feedback on social media recently. While criticism can be tough to handle, blocking negativity is important for my own mental well-being and that of our brand. At the end of the day, we're all works in progress - myself included.

It was great catching up with Levi too about our plans for the week ahead. I hope this episode inspires you to invest in your team members and push boundaries like never before. Every journey starts with that first step. Wishing everyone a productive week! Listen to the...

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