Letting Go to Level Up

As our business has grown, one of my biggest challenges has been learning to delegate more responsibility to the team. I've always enjoyed getting my hands dirty in the workshop and being involved in every project detail. But to truly scale, I realized I needed to start turning people loose.

In episode #450 of Kid Contractor Podcast, I discuss one of my hardest lessons yet - letting the guys organize my workshop. For years, that space was my domain and I had a very specific vision for how everything should be arranged. But we were falling behind on other priorities while I put it off. So I made the difficult choice to step back and let the team take charge.

It wasn't easy watching them make changes to my system. In my head, I had critiques for almost every move. But I bit my tongue and trusted the process. To my surprise, they came up with some great new ideas I never would have considered. The space is cleaner and more efficient than ever before.

I also share a story about a...

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