Boss Side Hustle: Helping Business Owners Reach Their Goals

business coaching Sep 16, 2023

In a recent episode of The Kid Contractor Podcast, Alicia and A.J. Brentzel joined the show. During the episode, Alicia shared a new business she has launched called Boss Side Hustle. Alicia explained it was created to help other business owners grow their companies. With over 13 years of experience running her own successful construction firm, Alicia is now offering one-on-one coaching to provide clarity, purpose, and accountability. For a low introductory price, entrepreneurs can work directly with Alicia to develop customized plans to improve processes, people management, and business performance. Her goal is to help clients achieve their goals through clear direction and regular check-ins. Boss Side Hustle offers an affordable way for businesses of any size to gain valuable guidance from a seasoned professional.

Reach out to Boss Side Hustle for your business: @bosssidehustle

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