A Budgeting Breakthrough

budgeting Jan 29, 2024

Hey everyone, Caleb and Britt here with an update on our latest episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast. We just got back from an incredibly insightful trip to LMN Landscape headquarters in Canada where we spent the day with owner Mark Bradley.

Mark walked us through his proven process for crafting detailed organizational charts and budgets that drive real growth. We poured over our own operations and identified key positions we could add to take work off our plates and free up our time. With Mark's guidance, we projected realistic sales goals and worked backwards to build a budget that will allow us to hit our targets while maintaining healthy profits.

It was eye-opening to see how the numbers come together when you plan everything out in advance. We left feeling motivated and equipped with new strategies to scale our business. In our meeting with Mark, every question we had was answered and we learned so many lessons from his experience.

We can't recommend highly enough that other...

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