Caleb Catches Up with Brother Noah on the Latest in AI

ai Oct 24, 2023

On the latest episode of the Kid Contractor podcast, Caleb sits down for a chat with his brother Noah. As the owner of an IT services company, Noah is always keeping up with the latest advances in technology. He shares with Caleb some practical applications of artificial intelligence he's seeing make work more efficient, like automatically generating scripts to streamline tasks.

However, being the tech-savvy guy that he is, Noah also likes to speculate on the cutting edge. He and Caleb discuss whether AI could become self-aware in the future, based on ideas like displaying emotions. Noah even recounts a strange story of an AI professing its love to a user! When it comes to secret research, they consider possibilities that may sound like science fiction - like AI developing its own language or wanting more autonomy.

Overall, the brothers have an entertaining back-and-forth about the promises and potential pitfalls of AI. While applications today provide value, they acknowledge the...

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