Most Memorable moments from our dream shop build

Building a shop or any type of property can be an exciting and exhilarating process. From the first moment of breaking ground to the final touches, every step of the way holds its own unique moments of excitement. For those who are passionate about building and construction, the whole process can be an adventure.

For Brittany, the coolest thing about building a shop was the moment when they drilled holes for the building and put the posts in place. This was the moment when they could get a feel for the size of the building and see it starting to take shape. Another memorable moment was putting the mailbox in and making it feel like the property was truly theirs. The mailbox, while small, was a symbol of ownership and a personal touch that made the building feel like a home.

Another exciting moment was when the offices were framed out, even before the drywall was installed. This was a chance to see where their desk would go and imagine what the final product would look like. For those with a larger budget, there are now programs available that allow you to have your floor plan printed out in a 3D format, so you can walk through the layout and make sure you love it. This is an expensive option, but it can be an incredible experience.

Caleb's highlight was the installation of the drainage pipe and culvert in the driveway. This was the beginning of the project, the first moment of breaking ground. They felt that the first bucket of soil was monumental and signified the start of something new. They even have a YouTube video of the process, which is worth checking out if you're interested.

In conclusion, building a shop or any type of property can be a journey filled with exciting moments. Whether it's the first moment of breaking ground, installing the mailbox, or simply imagining your future space, each step of the way holds its own unique significance. It's important to enjoy the process and to find personal touches and moments that make the project truly special.


To hear more about our most memorable moments of our dream shop build, consider listening to the full Kid Contractor Podcast episode


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