Lessons, Updates, and Arguments: Highlights from the Latest Kid Contractor Podcast

kid contractor podcast Nov 07, 2023

This episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast touches on several important topics but is derailed by an unproductive argument.

In the first part of the episode, Caleb discusses an experience with his daughter showing goats at the county fair. He talks about how her putting in extra work practicing with her goat led to a "lucky" learning opportunity from another fairgoer. Caleb uses this as a lesson about how the harder you work, the luckier you get. Brittany also shares details about a new 4-week business masterclass program she is launching in January with Alicia Bren called "Primed for Growth." The program aims to help businesses create visions and plans for future growth.

However, the discussion takes a turn when Caleb mentions looking for notes to elaborate on a point from a past podcast. Brittany attempts to help find and organize the notes, but Caleb becomes frustrated that she is going through his things without understanding his system. This leads to an argument about respecting each other's workspaces that derails much of the planned content and promotions for the episode. While relationships and combined business/personal operations present challenges, maintaining respect and effective communication is important.

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