A Day in the Field with Caleb Auman of Auman Landscape

Man, what a couple days it's been! I decided to try something a little different with this episode - instead of just sitting down to record like usual, I brought my mic along to capture some real action over the course of two full work days.

It started with a big sales call I had lined up for a patio project. I was pumped but also nervous to present the design and price to the client. Thankfully it went well and we booked the job - what a relief! From there I hit a few meetings, checked in with the crew working some jobs, and handled calls and estimates back at the shop.

I wanted to give listeners an inside look at what a typical couple days look like running the business. There's highs like closing a sale, lows when you miss an appointment, and everything in between. I also dove into some topics I'm always trying to improve, like communicating value to clients upfront and having all the contract details ironed out.

A big thanks to my producer Hunter for piecing it all together into a cohesive episode! I hope you guys get a sense of the real ups and downs of contracting through this unique format. As always, let me know if any part of the process can use some work on my end. Thanks for tuning in - more regular episodes coming soon!

Listen to the full episode here


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