How to Install Pavers Training Video

A step by step 2+ hour training video meant to showĀ you or your crew how to install pavers effectively and efficiently!


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The Ultimate Guide To Profitably Installing Pavers

With decades of combined experience contracting, we boiled down the key components for professionally building and installing paver patios far beyond industry standards - BUT this is more than a how-to guide for laying pavers. 

We teach all the core fundamentals and more! You will come away with the tools to build a profitable paver division within your existing business (or a brand new one)!

The video is designed so you can break down by the chapter and do it at your speed, so that you retain the knowledge properly.

What You Will Learn In This Video!

  • Job Site Basics
  • Excavation
  • Soil Compaction
  • Base Installation
  • Laying Pavers
  • Cutting
  • Edging & Sanding
  • And More! 
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