Caleb and Brittany Share Their Story (Part 2)

auman landscape Oct 16, 2023

Caleb and Brittany continue sharing their story in this episode of the Kid Contractor podcast. After starting to date seriously, they worked together on various landscaping projects for Caleb's company. Brittany also helped plan an FFA banquet where Caleb's company donated labor and design ideas.

Things took a turn when Caleb realized the financial troubles his business was facing. He was honest with Brittany about being on the verge of bankruptcy and in major debt. To her surprise, Brittany decided to stick by his side to get through the tough times ahead. They read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book, which helped them develop a plan.

Caleb filed for bankruptcy and closed down his old company. Brittany then started a new company, Almond Landscape, with Caleb helping to run it. They worked hard but money was still tight. Caleb spent some winters working on ranches in Oklahoma to earn extra income. Brittany supported them during this challenging period.

Eventually Caleb's tax debts caught up with him and he was even arrested. But with Brittany's support, he was able to set up payment plans and get his life back on track. They continue sharing how their relationship and business evolved during those difficult early years as they worked to overcome financial struggles through perseverance and teamwork.

Listen to the full story on episode 414 of the kid contractor podcast!


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