Caleb Sits Down with Hardscape Academy Attendees

hardscape academy Dec 11, 2023

Caleb recently hosted Kyle Robertson, Tyler Kaufman, and Matt Phillips in the Company Cam studios after they attended one of his Hardscape Academy events. In a new episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast, Caleb catches up with the trio to get their thoughts on the Academy and how they have applied what they learned to their businesses. Kyle, Tyler, and Matt discuss the equipment they use, how they handle billing and invoicing, and things they have discovered about being self-employed contractors.

All three attendees found the Academy extremely helpful for expanding their knowledge of hardscaping techniques and designs. Tyler especially wanted to learn more about patios and retaining walls to add to his excavation and drainage work. Matt is looking to branch out from his lawn care company into more complex landscape installations. The Academy gave them both new skills and ideas to take their businesses in new directions.

Caleb also draws out valuable lessons from their experiences starting out on their own. Jumping to self-employment requires a major commitment of both time and focus, and the line between work and personal life can easily blur. But the rewards of owning your own company, as these contractors have found, make all the challenges worthwhile. Their stories will surely inspire others listening to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.


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