From Classroom to Construction

repurposed educator May 08, 2023

In a recent of episode of Kid Contractor Podcast we got to speak with and hear the remarkable journeys of Kayti and Ry, two former educators who have transitioned from the world of teaching to making a profound impact in the construction sector. Their stories exemplify the transformative power of following one's passion and seizing unexpected opportunities for growth and reinvention.

Kayti begins by recounting her childhood immersed in the construction industry. With parents who owned a trucking company, aggregate pits, and a ready-mix plant, she was no stranger to the world of construction. However, societal expectations led her to pursue a college education rather than continuing the family business. Driven by her love for working with children and making a difference, Kayti became a teacher, dedicating several years to shaping young minds. Eventually, she transitioned to a role in curriculum and instruction, collaborating with fellow educators to develop impactful classroom materials.

Meanwhile,Ry, a close friend of Kayti's, also embarked on a career in education. Although lacking direct experience in construction, the blue-collar way of life always resonated with her. After working as a special education teacher and contemplating a future as a school counselor, she realized she wasn't fulfilling her desire to make a meaningful impact within the education system. Recognizing Ry's talents as a storyteller and creative thinker, Kayti offered Ry a position at Repurposed Educator and to which Ry accepted.

Kayti and Ry's dedication and innovative thinking did not go unnoticed. Their reputation as industry disruptors grew, and they were invited to speak at prominent events such as ConExpo. Here, they shared their insights and experiences, inspiring fellow professionals with their journey from the classroom to the construction site. Through their story, they demonstrate the value of transferable skills and fresh perspectives in reshaping an industry and embracing new horizons.

The stories of Kayti and Ry remind us of the transformative power that lies in embracing change and pursuing our passions. By bringing their expertise and creative talents from the education sector to the construction industry, they have made significant strides in shaping the culture and growth of DW Companies. Their journey encourages us to reimagine our own career trajectories, leveraging our unique skill sets and finding new avenues for personal fulfillment and impact. As we conclude this episode, let us remember that by embracing unexpected opportunities, we can embark on remarkable journeys that lead us to fulfilling destinations we never thought possible.


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