What I Learned from My Biggest Dredging Job Yet

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2024

Boy oh boy, what a project that last pond cleaning job turned out to be! When I first bid the job, I thought it would be a straightforward dredging job to clear out some sediment. But little did I know the challenges we would face - from unstable mud conditions, to equipment issues, to nearly running out of fuel at the end. This was by far the largest pond cleaning job we've taken on, clearing over 300 cubic yards of debris from a commercial stormwater basin. Going in, I knew the scale was bigger than our usual jobs, but I underestimated some of the complexities involved. Working in and around water brings its own set of safety concerns that you don't face on a typical hardscape project. And moving that volume of material presented logistical problems I hadn't fully planned for. Through the ups and downs of the job, I learned some valuable lessons. Proper planning is critical for these types of jobs - from assessing site conditions, to mapping out material removal. The right equipment is also key, like renting a track truck to efficiently transport dredged mud. And communication with your crew is vital when working in isolated areas like a pond. Most importantly, I was reminded to never take risks when it comes to safety. One slip could have serious consequences working around water. In the future, I'll be even more careful assessing conditions before sending equipment into a pond basin. All in all, it was a challenging job but well worth it for the experience. I'm a better excavator operator and project manager for taking it on. So while pond jobs bring their own set of headaches, I think I'll be bidding more of them going forward now that I know what to expect. Stay tuned for future episodes detailing more lessons from my commercial stormwater projects!

Listen to the full episode here


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