New Zealand Landscapers Visit the Kid Contractor Podcast at Company Cam Studios

On a recent episode of Kid Contractor Podcast, Caleb was joined by special guests Phil and Tom from Greenlinc landscaping in New Zealand. Phil and Tom were in the middle of a three week tour of the United States visiting equipment shows and nurseries, and made a stop at Company Cam studios for an interview.

Caleb learned all about Greenlinc's operations in Canterbury, New Zealand - from their landscape installation and maintenance division with 8 employees, to their plant nursery with 6 additional staff. Phil and Tom discussed what the landscape industry is like in New Zealand, including the variety of equipment brands available and payment terms on commercial jobs.

The brothers also shared their impressions of America so far on their tour, from the vast amounts of corn to getting used to larger cities. But one thing they were taking back to implement in their own business was the tradition of flagging equipment like many American companies do.

It was a fascinating look at how landscaping is similar yet different across continents. Be sure to check out the full episode to hear more insights from these international landscapers!


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