Maintaining Momentum in Your Business

momentum in business Sep 19, 2023

In a recent episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast, AJ and Alicia from Brex Landscaping discussed strategies for maintaining momentum in a business. They talked about how initiatives they had implemented recently, such as employee development days and quarterly meetings focused on quality of life, had helped build up a lot of positive energy and progress.

However, they also acknowledged that it can be difficult to keep that momentum going over the long term. When asked by Caleb about their approach, AJ said it's important to continuously feed motivation by keeping up with training events and seminars. Taking breaks from learning opportunities can cause momentum to stall.

They also mentioned that while taking regular breaks to recharge is valuable, it's crucial to dive back into goals, processes and initiatives upon returning instead of letting things slide. Maintaining structures and accountability helps prevent hard-earned momentum from fading away.

In summary, AJ and Alicia advised that carrying momentum forward requires an ongoing cycle of education to stay inspired, as well as consistent implementation of lessons learned to translate inspiration into real business results.


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