Lessons from a Pushy Sales Encounter

sales Sep 06, 2023

We recently had an interesting experience with an overzealous salesman that has provided some valuable lessons about different sales approaches. It started when a representative from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) stopped by our shop to conduct a survey.

Right away, it was clear this salesman had a polished presentation down to a science. He worked to build rapport through the survey questions and highlighted how our answers aligned with other small business owners. His pitch about the NFIB's services was certainly convincing on the surface

However, things took a turn when he began aggressively pursuing the sale throughout the day. After our initial meeting, he pried for details like what car my wife drives so he could follow up with her later. He then showed up unannounced at our office multiple times trying to close the deal.

By the end of it, we just felt stalked rather than served as customers. While persistence is important in sales, this guy seemed to cross a line into pushy and overbearing territory. It definitely left a negative impression that would make us hesitant to do business with him or the company in the future.The experience was an interesting case study on what works well in a sales pitch versus what tactics may drive customers away. There's a balance between being solution-focused and coming on too strong. As entrepreneurs, we all have a lot to learn when it comes to honing our own sales skills while maintaining professionalism and respect for others.


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