The Unexpected Journey

growing green Oct 30, 2023

Today's episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast featured an unexpected running joke about Caleb Auman's "multiple birthdays." As Caleb explained, he found himself wishing Happy Birthday to by multiple people throughout Equip Expo - even though it wasn't actually his birthday!

The episode also included an interview with Jeremiah and Savannah Jennings of Growing Green Podcast. Jeremiah and Caleb shared the story of how they originally met through a Snapchat group years ago, along with their experiences building an industry network through social media. Savannah also discussed her perspective on getting more involved in the podcast and industry.

Listeners learned about Caleb's unexpected childhood Saturday morning routine watching farming shows on TV. They also heard stories from Equip Expo, including Caleb's past eye injuries. Jeremiah's brother's career path as a farrier (horse hoof trimmer) was another topic of discussion.

To hear the conclusion of Jeremiah and Savannah's interview, listen to part two of this episode airing on Growing Green Podcast. With late night recordings and early mornings, this episode gave a glimpse into all the work that goes into covering Equip Expo. Tune in to learn more about this industry built on unexpected friendships through the years.


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