Growing a Successful Landscaping Business: Insights from Local Roots and FRWRD Coaching

In a recent episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast, host Caleb Auman interviews Ken Deemer and Patrick Murray, owners of Local Roots landscaping in Pittsburgh, PA. Ken and Patrick discuss how they started Local Roots 9 years ago while still in college and have grown it to a $7-8 million business with 45 employees. They talk about some of the challenges they faced early on and how they have worked to create a positive company culture focused on employee well-being and support.

Ken and Patrick also discuss their new coaching business called Forward, which was inspired by the impact that coaches had on them in growing Local Roots. Through one-on-one coaching and peer groups, they aim to help other contractors overcome obstacles holding them back and scale their businesses in a sustainable way. They discuss how they structure their coaching offerings and how contractors of all sizes can benefit.

The episode provides valuable insights for contractors on building a successful business through prioritizing culture, scaling strategically with the right hires, and how coaching can help take a business to the next level by helping contractors get out of their own way and reach their full potential. Listen to the full episode here


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