Leveraging Debt as a Springboard to Success in Business

debt May 11, 2023

In the realm of personal finance, there's a prevailing sentiment against debt, echoed by renowned financial experts like Dave Ramsey. However, in a recent episode of the Kid Contractor podcast, host Caleb Auman challenges this notion and explores the potential benefits of borrowing money in certain business contexts. While caution is advised, Auman suggests that strategic debt usage can serve as a springboard, propelling entrepreneurs towards larger and more profitable projects. This blog post delves into the concept of leveraging debt as a tool for business growth and examines the factors to consider before embarking on this path.

Auman acknowledges that his viewpoint diverges from traditional financial wisdom, particularly in relation to Dave Ramsey's teachings. He emphasizes that while he is generally not an advocate for debt, there are circumstances in which it can be a valuable resource. Debt, when used judiciously, can act as a springboard—an instrument that propels businesses forward by facilitating investments in bigger projects with higher profit potential.

While Auman advocates for utilizing debt strategically, he emphasizes the importance of balance and responsibility. He suggests a two-fold approach to managing debt: first, entrepreneurs should leverage debt to access larger-scale projects that can yield significant profits. Second, they should promptly focus on paying off the accumulated debt as soon as their business achieves success with these projects. The ultimate goal is to become debt-free and position the company for sustainable growth.

A critical aspect of Auman's philosophy is recognizing the appropriate timing for taking on debt. He advises against jumping into debt in the first or second year of business, emphasizing the need to establish a solid foundation before considering such financial commitments. Businesses must be well-established and consistently spending money on essential expenses like rent or equipment before embarking on a debt-fueled growth strategy.

Auman proposes a formula for effectively managing debt: start by using debt as a springboard to enter larger dollar figure projects with increased profit potential. As these projects generate revenue, prioritize debt repayment to expedite the path towards a debt-free status. This formula aims to strike a balance between harnessing debt for growth and minimizing the risks associated with long-term financial obligations.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Auman highlights a common pitfall among entrepreneurs—a failure to act decisively when considering an investment. He suggests that by the time entrepreneurs are seriously contemplating the purchase of equipment or assets, they should have made that decision months ago. Procrastination in this context can lead to missed opportunities and hinder business growth. Auman encourages entrepreneurs to evaluate the long-term benefits of an investment and make timely decisions to avoid unnecessary setbacks.

In conclusion, by leveraging debt strategically, entrepreneurs can harness its potential as a springboard to propel their businesses forward. However, caution, timing, and a well-established foundation are essential considerations when embarking on this path. The formula for success lies in entering larger profit-generating projects, while simultaneously prioritizing debt repayment to achieve long-term financial freedom.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be construed as financial advice or as a recommendation to engage in any specific financial practices or strategies. The content presented here is based on the opinions and experiences expressed by Caleb Auman during the Kid Contractor podcast episode.


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