Choosing Your Words Wisely

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2023

In this episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast, Caleb discusses the importance of being thoughtful about the words you use when interacting with clients. He shares a story from his own business where a simple misunderstanding arose due to ambiguous wording in a conversation with a client. While the issue was resolved amicably in this case, it served as a lesson for Caleb about how easily perceptions can differ based on subtle word choices.

Caleb emphasizes communicating with clarity to avoid clients walking away with the wrong impression. He also touches on legal lessons from his attorney friend about attorneys being meticulous with their language usage. For contractors and business owners, clear communication is key to maintaining positive relationships with clients and avoiding potential disputes down the road.

The episode also delves into Caleb's perspective on work, opportunity, and a popular song that references work situations. He expresses a belief that while circumstances aren't always ideal, there are usually avenues to improve one's situation through hard work and determination rather than a victim mentality. Overall, the podcast provides thoughtful takeaways about choosing words carefully in all interactions to serve clients well and run a successful business. 

Listen to the full episode here!


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