Key Takeaways from Lawntrepreneur Academy Live 2023

In a recent episode of Kid Contractor Podcast, Caleb shares his enthusiasm for attending Lawntrepreneur Academy Live 2023 in Novi, Michigan. The annual conference hosted by Brian Fullerton brings together hundreds of professionals in the green industry for networking and knowledge sharing. Caleb discusses several impactful lessons he learned from various speakers at the event.

One that stood out was from Keith Kalfas, emphasizing the importance of focusing on "who" will complete tasks rather than "how." This reinforced the need for owners to delegate responsibilities to free up their time. Another key takeaway was from Mark Bradley, who advised hiring someone capable of replacing you as owner right from the start. This inspired Caleb to seriously consider bringing on a landscape designer. He was also moved by Sam Gembel urging companies to raise wages for employees.

As a result, Caleb committed to exploring hiring a salesperson to help grow his business by finding new clients. The episode provides an overview of some of the most valuable discussions Caleb participated in at Lal 2023.


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