A Nose-Diving Near Miss: Rod Williams Recounts His Frightening Flight

rod williams united 1722 Sep 11, 2023

In a harrowing episode of the Kid Contractor Podcast, guest Rod Williams shares his story of surviving a plane stall on United Airlines flight 1722. Shortly after taking off from Maui, the pilots retracted the flaps too early, causing the plane to lose lift and go into a nosedive just 2,200 feet above the ocean.

Passengers screamed as the Boeing 777 plunged towards the water at over 140 feet per second. Rod, sitting in the very back row, looked to his wife in terror wondering if this was the end. For over 15 seconds, the plane was pointed nearly straight down as the pilots struggled to regain control. They were able to pull out of the dive just 750 feet from crashing into the Pacific.

Rod kept the ordeal to himself for months, unsure if they truly experienced a stall. But when the NTSB report was released, it confirmed his fears - the flight crew's error had put 287 lives at extreme risk. On the podcast, Rod reflects on having his faith tested in those harrowing moments. He also discusses the interviews he did with major news outlets to shed light on the incident.

To hear Rod tell the full dramatic story in his own words, listen to episode 398 of the Kid Contractor Podcast. His amazing firsthand account of surviving such a close call is not to be missed.


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