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Learn how to grow your business with Brittany Auman of Auman Landscape and Alicia Brentzel of BREX Enterprises, starting January 8th, 2024. Buy your ticket two days before they go on sale to the public on November 15th, 2023!

It's simpler than you think...

  • Gain a true understanding of where your company will be in 10 years.
  • Gain insights into your target audience to define your ideal customer and how to target them
  • Enhance your financial freedom once you understand your budget and optimize business operations
  • Master the art of hiring with effective interviews and a streamlined onboarding process
  • Become the leader you know you can be and the one that your team deserves
  • Limited to 20 people
  • 3 Meetings a week via zoom
  • Includes a community thread that will continue after the course.  
  • $1,999




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